Will Green is a Michigan based stand-up comedian. His material draws on years working as an elementary teacher, his own anxiety about life, death, and aging, and any other absurdity that catches his eye. Despite his jokes coming primarily from personal experience, his delivery and style make them engaging and relateable to any audience. He performs in clubs and venues all across the midwest and has garnered attention at various festivals - including Gilda's Laughfest, Whiskey Bear and the Maine and Milwaukee Comedy Festivals. Will has also had the opportunity to open for some of the best comics in the country - including Myq Kaplan, Bob Marley, and Shane Mauss

In June of 2014 he realeased, Fucking Feed People, a recording from the legendary Anchor Bar's Skylight Room in Detroit as a fundraiser for the Friends of Cass Park charity organization. It is available on itunes, google play, amazon and Pandora. Proceeds from the sale of this recording continue to support this charity. 

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