Will Green grew up in the small town of Elsie, Michigan's dairy capital. A town known mostly for its extremely high, cow to people ratio and nothing else. The disappointing result of 3 generations of tough, savvy, dairy farmers, Will got most of his sense of humor from two of the dairy farmers that came before him. His grandfather, who was notorious for asking anyone nearby to pull his finger and for classic holiday picnic pranks like the old "putting an ice cube down peoples shirt" trick. As well as his father who, in addition to possessing an extremely dry wit himself, also took him to see great comedians like Steven Wright, George Carlin, and Jerry Seinfeld, at a very young age. His great-grandfather may have been funny as well, but probably not. People born in 1904 didn't consider humor a worthwhile pursuit. In college Will didn't know what he wanted to be so he quickly failed out to avoid obtaining any unnecessary knowledge. He returned to college shortly after to study to be a teacher. Because as they say, those who don't know what the heck they want to do, teach.

It was in college this second time that he began pursuing stand-up. First at Club Bart, a now defunct dive bar in Ferndale, Michigan, and soon after, at Connxtions Comedy Club, a now defunct club in Lansing. It was here he began developing his comedic voice.  Sometimes personal, sometimes a little absurd.  Edgy, but with rounded corners.  

Just when he was getting almost a little good Will moved to the comedy mecca of Maine.  It was in New England that he solidified himself as a comedian. He soon became a regular at the Comedy Connection in Portland, which unfortunately, is also now defunct (Are you noticing a pattern?) After The Connections closure, Will along with a few other local comedians formed the Portland Comedy Co-op, which began producing shows around Maine and New England, including Laugh Shack at Lincolns, which won best comedy club in a Portland newspaper readers poll. Will's first headlining gig was at Levity Comedy Cafe in Burlington, VT. (Closed now too! Are you serious!?) He has also featured at Jokers Wild in New Haven, CT (CLOSED!) and Chicago's WIP Theater (Still open, halleluja!) He has also performed at the Maine, Milwaukee, and Whiskey Bear comedy festivals. 

A lot of his material comes from sharing stories about the craziness of working with children, his own anxiety about life, death, and aging, and any other absurdity that catches his eye. Despite his jokes coming primarily from personal experience, his delivery and style make them engaging and relateable to any audience.

In June of 2014 he realeased, Fucking Feed People. A recording from the legendary Anchor Bar's Skylight Room in Detroit as a fundraiser for the Friends of Cass Park charity organization. It is available here as well as itunes, google play, amazon etc. Proceeds from the sale of this recording continue to support this charity. 

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